Telemarketers in the US are being restricted by the number of rules and regulations imposed on them, the president of a US business watchdog has pointed out.

As a “No Call Registry” is being set up in Canada, modelled on the one that already exists in the US and telemarketing’s image is suffering globally, Sharane Gott of the Better Business Bureau has specified the strict constraints placed on firms’ telemarketing strategies in the US.

These include a guideline which prohibits any telemarketing calls before 8:00 and after 21:00, the time restriction rule also applies in other countries including the UK.

Another restriction highlighted by Ms Gott, was that telemarketers are not permitted to call a customer if they have explicitly asked to be taken off a companies calling list.

Emphasising the increasing unpopularity of the marketing strategy, Ms Gott told Los Angeles’ the Advertiser: “Unfortunately, most people view telemarketing calls as an intrusion on their time and privacy.”

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