India is the latest country to succumb to the anti-telemarketing movement that is forcing many marketing strategists to re-consider their sales mediums.

Mirroring the trends in Canada and the US, India – which contains a high percentage of the world’s call centres – now has a National Do Not Call Registry to prevent Unsolicited Commercial Calls (UCC), reports the Times of India.

The registry has already received more than five million calls from disgruntled telephone users that have been hassled at home.

However Indian telemarketing firms have hit back, even going so far as to say that citizens of the south-Asian nation like being called by telemarketers.

“Indians are naturally curious and therefore they like to know and maybe listen,” Rohan Chitre, the owner of an Indian telemarketing firm, told the newspaper.

Indian call centres are popular with large Western companies for the outsourcing of telemarketing campaigns, many of them are able to operate 365 days a year.

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