Many marketers are usually perplexed when it comes to stimulating lapsed customers and prospects.

When a customer gives you a vote of no confidence, trying to win back their affection may seem like a daunting task and you may not even know which channel is the best medium for the job.

This is where print comes in – the tried and tested marketing approach of yore that many marketers seem to have relegated to the sidelines in favour of the trendy interactive digital platforms that are now all the rage.

As Gordon Plutsky, director of marketing and research at King Fish Media, notes on Marketing Profs, print allows you to “finely target your list for both acquisition and reactivation of lapsed customers”.

For those who cannot bear to part with their beloved digital platforms, never fear – the print medium is the perfect complementary channel for an effective cross-platform approach.

“A print catalogue or magalogue can help drive people to your commerce site or to a digital edition of the catalogue; there, you can convert the sale,” Mr Plutsky maintains.