In this age of inbound electronic marketing, you could be forgiven for thinking that direct mail would be in a corresponding decline. Wrong! Despite the ascendency of PPC, search engine marketing and social network marketing, direct mail marketing has actually risen over two consecutive years. Almost three quarters of UK businesses engage in some type of direct response marketing, and direct mail remains the most successful advertising medium, with 60% of UK consumers responding at some point each year to a direct mail communication. For every £1 spent on direct mail, £14 is generated in revenue.

To put this into the context of the wider economy*:

  • £8.6bn: the value of the direct mail marketing industry to the UK economy
  • 182,000: people employed by the direct mail marketing industry in the UK
  • £17bn: the value of sales generated by direct mail
  • £14bn: sales generated via the internet and email
  • 95% of paper used in direct mail comes from recycled or managed sources
    Nor is direct mail marketing limited to big business; thousands of SMEs, start-ups and non-direct marketing businesses across all sectors regularly apply strategies borrowed from the world of mail-order and full-time direct marketers with amazing results. Neglect it at your expense.

And finally…

    As a direct marketer, remember that your mailing list is by far the most important weapon in your armoury. However good your mail piece looks and reads or however amazing your offer, if it fails to reach the right people, you aren’t going to make a profit. There are numerous
    data providers
    out there but quality, prices and service can vary dramatically. So before you buy, do your due diligence and compare data providers. It could help you avoid a costly mistake.
    Over the coming weeks and months I’ll be exploring the areas discussed above in greater depth, as well as taking a critical look at all things cutting-edge in the world of direct marketing. Thanks for reading. Your comments and ideas are very welcome.
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