Most marketers tend to think that the only period they can launch special offers is during traditional seasonal sales periods such as summer or Christmas.

This certainly is not necessarily the case – you can launch special offers at any point during the year as a way to stimulate interest in your goods and services.

According to direct marketing copywriter and consultant Dean Rieck, these types of offers are known as “reason why sales” – they are somewhat similar to seasonal sales, but typically give a reason as to why you are giving away offers, for example conducting inventory reduction or because you are going out of business.

This model allows you to drum up more business practically at will without having to compete with other companies when they launch their sales offers during the traditional times.

Writing on the Marketing Profs blog, Mr Rieck also suggests that you can introduce a membership fee in exchange for a raft of exclusive offers.

“You ask your prospect to pay a onetime fee to become an exclusive member of your club or organisation in return for reduced prices and other benefits not available to the general public,” he says.”The fee can be assessed yearly, or it can be a larger, one-time, lifetime fee.”