More businesses are using third party lead generation to bulk up their data for business-to-business direct marketing campaigns, one expert has pointed out.

Linus Gregoriadis, Econsultancy’s research director, has highlighted the growing use of externally-purchased business lists.

He explained that companies offering such a service have a methodical and targeted technique for compiling the most relevant lists for each client.

“Online lead generation has really been coming to the fore in the last couple of years,” Mr Gregoriadis said.

“What they do is source lists, so as a company you tell them what details you want, what criteria are important, and they will use their own network of websites to gather data, to gather relevant people, who might be relevant for your purpose as a business.”

According to last December’s Marketing Outlook survey, produced by StrongMail Systems, only four per cent of firms intend to slash their email marketing spend for 2009.

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