Small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) will benefit from a decision between Thomson Local and Google to extend its AdWords Authorised Reseller agreement, it is claimed.

Thomson Local product and marketing director Gary Brown has said that the deal means that the company can continue to provide SMEs with access to local audiences.

He added that despite about a half of SMEs not having their own websites, the deal means that the company can provide an outlet for these businesses to establish an internet presence on Google.

Hitwise 2007 figures cited by Mr Brown reveal that the agreement with Google’s Adwords Authorised Reseller will provide SME visibility to a local audience from 77 per cent of all UK internet searches.

Speaking at Ad:Tech London, he said that businesses can obtain accountability data on their marketing budget as a result of the deal, because Thomson Local will be able to comment on the performance of a customers’ online advertising and provide data on clicks and click cost on a quarterly basis.

“Thomson Local is committed to helping the SME grow, it is therefore important that businesses understand the value of the internet,” he added.

Meanwhile a Financial Times article has revealed that Microsoft is set to challenge Google by extending its office software applications for the internet.

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