A new scheme has been launched by TNT Post to give companies the opportunity to demonstrate their environmental credentials to customers.

As part of the ecologically-conscious scheme, brands will be able to have ‘eco-mark’ stamped on their mailings if they adhere to a range of environmental criteria including using good quality data and material for initiatives.

TNT chief executive Nick Wells unveiled the product at the International Direct Marketing Fair earlier this week.

“Because we’re a transport and postal company we are part of the problem, so we’ve got to be part of the solution as well,” he said.

TNT will also help participating brands to reduce their carbon footprint by recommending suppliers that can assist them in reducing emissions through data cleansing and capturing ‘undeliverables’.

Brands that use the scheme will also be required to offset their remaining emissions by investing in carbon reduction schemes.

According to TNT, data cleansing is one of the best ways a business can improve its marketing efficiency and save money in both the short and long term.

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