A marketing specialist has advised companies that when it comes to social media, the tone of voice used is absolutely essential.

Tania Jackson, managing director at Red Idea, stressed that marketers need to come across as informative, knowledgeable and full of expertise in their marketing copy.

She pointed out that businesses also need to show a bit of their personality on their websites, otherwise their online portals will seem like just another site full of information that no-one wants.

“This is quite easy to do for small companies but for big companies it is a bit more difficult because they have to be consistent throughout their strategy and think about who is going to speak and what the tone will be,” Ms Jackson said.

She added that firms really have to look at their brand strategy as a whole and if they get this right, they will bring sales leads in through the door.

Writing on the Marketing Profs blog, commercial copywriter Ernest Nicastro recently warned marketers not to fall for the trap of writing copy using obscure and hard to understand corporate jargon.

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