Recent research by Marketscan shows direct mail is still a highly valued element of the marketing mix, with 60% of respondents using it in isolation or as part of an integrated campaign. This is followed closely by 57% of respondents using telemarketing as a stand-alone campaign or integrated with direct mail and email. Bearing in mind the growth of digital marketing, email campaigns surprisingly trailed behind direct mail and telemarketing with just 33% of respondents using this particular channel.

Not so surprising, data quality is still a high priority as is market coverage. 87% of respondents use data to get new sales leads in existing markets and 46% to get sales leads in new markets hence the need to reach as many businesses as possible within relevant market sectors.

With the range and complexity of data solutions available, it can often be time-consuming to decide which ones best meet the needs of your business. We asked whether our easy-to-use cost-effective packages were useful and an overwhelming 80% of respondents said yes.

Lastly, it’s good to learn that Marketscan’s personal service, in which we take great pride, continues to be one of our core strengths with 96% of respondents rating it as excellent to good.

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