Traditional media brands are trusted more as a source of information than websites or blogs, according to a new poll.

A survey by Telecom Express asked respondents what percentage of information they received from various sources they believed to be accurate, true and unbiased.

Television was the most trusted source of information with a score of 66 per cent, followed by national newspapers (63 per cent) and radio (55 per cent).

However, websites and blogs scored the worst, with respondents only trusting 36 per cent and 24 per cent of the information they receive from the respective mediums.

Television also topped the list when people were asked to state the organisations with which they felt an extremely close affinity.

Damon Russell, CEO of Telecom Express, said: “Sensible commentators have to conclude that while such commercial business-to-consumer activity takes place over the internet, the proponents of this revolution are largely well known offline brands that have embraced the internet as just another channel through which to reach their customers.”

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