Qualified direct marketers are crucial to helping the industry survive during the economic downturn, a new survey reveals.

A poll commissioned by the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), the majority (80 per cent) of industry bosses believe that recruiting people who are well-trained is especially important during the recession.

David Thorp, director of research and information at the CIM, pointed out that the need for companies to employ and develop professional marketers “has never been greater”.

“Now is not the time for amateurs to be looking after your marketing,” he warned. “Given the recession and changing market and customer needs, it is vital for organisations to adapt and respond appropriately to changing conditions.”

He added that while unqualifed and untrained marketers may help a company “muddle through”, it is the properly certified marketing professionals who will be able to indentify strategic and lucrative opportunities and help their firms weather the current economic storm.

A survey released earlier this year by the Aberdeen Group found that 60 per cent of marketers plan to cut their traditional marketing budgets this year.

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