Understanding your target audience is the first step to producing a relevant and successful direct mail campaign, according to Hewlett Packard.

The firm pointed out that marketers need to have a thorough knowledge about whose attention they are aiming to attract so direct mailings can be formed appropriately.

It is also important for marketers to thoroughly highlight the benefits their company is offering in order to have maximum chance of grabbing a propect’s attention, Hewlett Packard advised.

“Consider the elements that have contributed to your successful marketing efforts in the past,” the firm noted. “Have you been more successful when you targeted your prospects by industry or by geography or by company size?”

Marketers were advised to select a few key companies and then mail to a number of people within each organisation if they are targeting larger firms with multiple decision makers.

According to mUrgent, targeted direct mail is the best “tactical weapon” for increasing response rates.

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