Unilever, the Anglo-Dutch consumer products firm, has been mulling over its marketing methods and how the media industry is adapting in this regard.

The company set up a communications planning and digital advertising drive in 2005 in the belief that television advertising is waning and may be a spent force.

This means that over the course of the year Unilever had been placing more emphasis on marketing campaigns that utilise a greater range of tools.

Alan Rutherford, Unilever’s global media director, spoke to the Financial Times about recent industry developments.

He said: “The ad industry is struggling at the moment in pulling all the components of brand communication together.”

Unilever has appointed a total of six people to work on forming integrated campaigns for leading brands, five of which have responsibility for discovering new digital advertising ideas.

Mr Rutherford added that TV advertising now accounts for 65 per cent of the company’s advertising budget, which was down from 85 per cent a decade ago.

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