A slowdown in the sharp decline of direct mail campaigns by credit card companies in the US has been heralded as positive news for the direct mail industry.

The banking crisis that precipitated a global recession at the end of 2008 resulted in a considerable slowdown in the number of credit card companies deploying direct mail campaigns; however recent figures has suggested the sector may have turned a corner.

Credit card firms’ direct mail strategies are considered a bellwether for the direct mail industry as a whole and the slowdown in the decline means the sector could be over the worst of the recession.

Businesses have been encouraged to implement direct mail strategies during the economic downturn because they offer cheap ways of remaining in contact with customers and clients.

A recent survey carried out on behalf of Royal Mail in the UK found that businesses should also be focussing their direct mail strategies more heavily on young adults.

The figures compiled by the Mail Media Centre revealed 71 per cent of 16 to 24-year-olds had acted on direct mail that they had received, despite the fact many businesses do not target that age range in their campaigns.

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