It is vital for firms to provide potential clients with useful content when gathering leads online, an expert has suggested.

Hollis Thomases, president of digital agency, asserted that where a lead feels misled or overwhelmed, they will become less responsive and it is important for both the business and the consumer to be satisfied.

Speaking to the Click Z network, Ms Thomases added that businesses can no longer simply market to the client but will have to “provide more and richer content to truly capture user interest and gauge intent”.

Conventional lead generation systems have come under fire recently, because as members in a system are allowed to post emails directly to other members, the result is usually that members become inundated with emails.

Kenneth Koh, managing director of LeadLeap, said: “There is a fundamental flaw in conventional lead generation system because it does not add value to the members.

“Eventually, the people in such a system would either delete all the emails they received or they would abandon the system.”
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