Marketers should take advantage of other companies’ expert blog postings in order to attract sales leads, an industry expert has said.

Jamie Turner, chief content officer at The 60 Second Marketer, advised marketers to re-post external blog postings on their own site in order benefit from their particular expertise and encourage an increase in traffic to their website.

Writing on The 60 Second Marketer, he warned however, that marketers should first obtain explicit permission before featuring third party blogs on their own web portals.

Mr Turner also suggested that marketers can ask a friend to write a guest post for their blog to inject some freshness into the site.

“You’ll get a break from writing your blog plus, they’ll promote their article to all their friends and associates,” he said.

“[Also], comment on other people’s blogs. Provide really useful stuff too, don’t just say, ‘nice post’.”

Matt Cutts, head of web spam at search engine giant Google, recently said that good quality content helps websites achieve good search engine rankings.

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