Companies that encourage creativity within their marketing departments often experience stronger growth, according to a new study.

Research conducted by the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) and management consulting company Booz Allen Hamilton concluded that businesses that had strong non-traditional marketing methods were on average 20 per cent more likely to demonstrate revenue growth and increased profitability.

Ed Landry, vice president at Booz Allen, explained: “Our research has revealed a structure that can reliably produce higher growth in both revenue and profits.

“This creates a clear-cut mandate for marketing executives everywhere: upgrade your capabilities, assume a greater leadership role and position marketing so it can be a primary driver of your organization’s growth agenda,” he added.

However, the study, which involved 2,000 marketing executives, discovered that just nine per cent of companies are enabling their marketing operations to have a wider and more open approach, often forcing them to rely on standard marketing techniques.

The ANA hopes the research will encourage more firms to consider developing more advanced techniques and innovations to help ensure a more strategic approach to growth.

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