Companies have been advised that putting in place a comprehensive address verification system can help cut waste and reduce costs.

David Sims, contributing editor for TMC Net, said firms can waste vast amounts sending correspondence to wrong addresses and this is a problem that can be easily rectified by doing a little research and keeping data lists updated.

“One area where businesses continue to see significant budgetary waste is around inaccurate contact data – that’s why address verification software is so important,” he commented.

Mr Sims added that low contact data quality levels plague many firms, but it is often an issue that goes unnoticed.

Indeed, research from Experian showed firms on average waste between five and 30 per cent of their marketing budgets on out of date information.

Meanwhile, Mark Ritson recently told attendees of Marketing Week’s annual conference that a targeted approach to B2B direct mail can result in higher yields and less wastage.

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