Online direct marketers can take advantage of the current economic downturn by offering vouchers as part of their campaigns.

This tip has been offered by Phil McCabe, spokesperson for the Forum of Private Business who has highlighted the success of reductions and special offers when used in a targeted online strategy.

Mr McCabe said that amid the ongoing recession, such marketing messages seem to have risen to greater prominence.

“It’s certainly true to say that there has been a bit of an explosion of these kinds of offers being promoted on the internet,” he said.

“In recent months, given everything that has happened in the economy, there have been more offers out there that have been able to be marketed more effectively over the internet.”

Some 22 per cent of global business leaders questioned in the StrongMail Systems’ Marketing Outlook survey said that they expect customers to spend roughly the same in 2009 as last year, with 37 per cent expecting a decrease in sales due to the downturn.

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