Internet advertising will soon surpass the amount of newspaper adspend, according to a media buying organisation.

In a report due out next month and seen by the Guardian newspaper, GroupM said that internet adspend will constitute 13.3 per cent of the total £12.2 billion spent in the UK market.

If its predictions come true, then it will overtake the amount of advertising in newspapers, which currently have a 13.2 per cent share of the market.

At the turn of the century, internet advertising made up just one per cent of the market and commentators have been surprised at the speed at which the shift has taken place.

The growing popularity and use of the internet, with the increase in broadband use, coupled with the fact that less people are buying newspapers are said to be the underlying factors behind the change.

“Reach is what advertisers want most,” the Guardian reports GroupM as saying.

“National newspapers still have lots of it, but less reach means less ad money.”

GroupM’s report also predicts that the next surge in advertising will be seen in the mobile market, which includes mobile phones and lap tops.

“Mobile advertising is starting from a low base and is forecast to double to £60 million this year, doubling again to £120 million next year,” the report read.

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