Mailing campaigns and catalogues offer consumers an experience impossible to recreate through online retail sites, according to one multimedia marketing specialist.

Speaking to the Associated Press, Neil O’Keefe, vice president of multichannel segments at the Direct Marketing Association, said: “When you go farther into the website, you get a great assortment of products, but it’s hard to keep up with that lifestyle feel.”

By contrast, each page of a catalogue will convey a particular style or brand, he added.

According to the news agency, direct mail flyering remains one of the cheapest ways to market products and draw in new customers.

Although reports suggest volumes of mailings in the US are currently down by 16 per cent, the news source predicts this trend is likely to be reversed.

Industry data suggests catalogues return at least $7 (£4.30) for each delivery and firms are likely to increase the use of postal campaigns when the recession lifts, it added.

Those marketers looking for tips on creating a new mail drive may be interested in comments shared by SimplySmartMail owner Gary Bohringer.

Writing in the Business Ledger, Mr Bohringer offered tips on topics, including market segmentation and setting a budget.


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