Optimising the user experience on websites is a “smart move to make”, according to new industry research.

E-consultancy’s Usability Business Case report suggests that whether firms hire a usability agency to assess their websites or conduct usability studies in-house, enhancing websites to improver user experience can deliver a massive return on investment.

According to the report, user experience can even be more important than brand and price, as discounting prices may be useless if a checkout process is poor and turns away prospective buyers.

Similarly, start-ups with no known brand and average prices can “get on the map” by being more user-friendly than established competition.

The reports authors advised marketers to constantly update their websites for optimum business results and warned that sporadic and infrequent up-keep of websites will cost marketers a lot of money.

Equally important, the report’s authors added, is to focus on web standards and errors could adversely affect search engine rankings.


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