Companies should make sure the content on their websites is as clear and user-friendly as possible, an expert has said.

Shaun Ryan, chief executive of SLI Systems, warned firms that customers will leave a site – possibly never to return again – if they cannot locate what they are searching for within a few minutes.

He explained on the Marketing Profs blog that by making a few relatively modest alterations to their site such as placing their site search box in a prominent and easy-to-locate position, firms can achieve higher conversion rates and attract a bigger number of sales leads.

“Research has found that visitors to retail sites who use those sites’ search boxes are two to three times more likely to convert than those who don’t,” Mr Ryan commented.

Companies were also advised to make all their content such as blogs, videos, products and forums accessible via the search function.

A recent report from Listrak found that the vast majority of email marketers fail to send automated welcome messages to new subscribers, even though welcome messages have very high open rates.