A company’s website is a crucial part of their B2B marketing campaign, according to MarketingSherpa.

The marketing firm said that websites have become even more important over the last ten years and are now an indispensable medium for integrating and automating lead generation.

This is crucial, as lead generation has become an important part of increasing the success rate of marketing and sales programmes.

MarketingSherpa conducted a survey of marketing consultants and found that over three-quarters (84 per cent) of respondents make sure that their websites are clear and compelling, which suggests that firms realise the importance of a website in achieving a successful campaign.

Furthermore, over half of those questioned said they use separate microsites for specific brands or marketing initiatives, while 76 per cent regularly optimise their website for search engines.

According to Dr Ralph F Wilson, e-commerce consultant at Web Marketing Today, writing descriptive keywords on company home pages is a good search engine optimisation strategy.

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