Business-to-business marketers have been advised to send targets that have just opted to receive information a welcome email.

Stefan Pollard, senior strategic consultant at Responsys, one of the world’s largest digital marketing consultancies, was speaking in the wake of new research from Smith-Harmon.

The Retail Welcome Email Benchmark Study found that 24 per cent of marketers quizzed still do not send a welcome mail as a follow-up to a signing-up process.

Mr Pollard pointed out that “the welcome email shines in its importance to start that new relationship with a wealth of information that the sign-up process may have not have had time to say”.

He continued: “More than simply confirming that an action has been taken, the welcome email is the first chance you have to engage your new subscriber and provide immediate value from your email programme.”

Another finding of the Retail Welcome Email Benchmark Study was that 23 per cent of firms questioned waited for longer than 24 hours before sending the email, which Smith-Harmon says reduces the “effectiveness” of the message.

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