A well-branded and flexible design template is essential to the success of a marketing campaign, an expert has said.

According to Chad White, research director at Smith-Harmon, a solid template lends a marketing campaign an “air of professionalism”, making it more likely to gain recipients’ trust.

Writing in Media Post, he warned that although templates can form an indispensable part of a marketing campaign, firms should be wary of sending communications that are too similar to one another.

Mr White suggested that every once in a while, marketers should consider shaking things up by “doing something surprising, perhaps even radical” and always make sure they implement adequate metrics.

“When measuring the success of your rule-breaking emails, don’t just look at the metrics for the email itself,” he said.

“Look at the performance of subsequent emails and see if you caught the attention of some of your subscribers again with the change of design.”

Marketing specialist Lisa Suttora recently advised marketers that building a verified opt-in subscriber list is one of the key components of a successful marketing campaign.

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