Marketers have been given tips on how to maximise their word-of-mouth marketing efforts, with a firm claiming that there are three areas to focus on.

First according to is that influencers – those ahead of the trend in particular sector who know what will become fashionable – should be targeted. Their positive – or negative – comments can affect what people buy so they should be engaged as active participants.

If not easy to identify, groups in which they are likely to emerge from should also be targeted, the article adds.

Next, editorial experts, publications that people trust, should be targeted to give good PR coverage: “There are dedicated publications as well as thousands of web sites run by aficionados covering every imaginable subject, so it’s simply a matter of identifying the top editors or journalists who write about what you market.

“Tailor your message or stories specifically to them, then send your press releases or pitch letters. Follow up by phone or email when appropriate.”

Generating a buzz from these people is important and once started, media coverage can be self-perpetuating.

Finally, viral marketing, whether this is through putting an offer into an email, starting blogs or messageboard conversations, through to downloadable movies, all mean that word-of-mouth marketing will “surely follow”, the report concludes.ADNFCR-8000151-ID-18028795-ADNFCR

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