The upcoming World Cup provides marketers with an opportunity to take advantage of the zeitgeist and launch exciting new direct mail campaigns, an expert has said.

Mark Thomson, media director at Royal Mail, said the short-term benefits of the World Cup can add long-term value to brands “long after the trophy has been hoist aloft on July 11th”.

Writing in Marketing Week, he advised marketers to take an integrated approach to any World Cup-related marketing campaign and make use of multiple platforms such as email and online, as well as direct mail.

“Too often, brands take a short-termist approach to the tournament to roll out a burst of advertising that has no real link to other campaigns that they have already implemented,” Mr Thomson pointed out.

He warned that a one-off marketing blitz might seem like a good idea for an initial tactical approach, but these campaigns rarely do more than create just a fleeting spike in sales.

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