Email leads 'should work in conjunction with other platforms'

20-Apr-2010 17:34:57

While email leads are an ever-growing resource for marketers, other systems should not be completely forgotten, an expert has stated.

Marketing and Alliances Director for EMEA at Responsys Simon Robinson said in an article for Reuters that while direct mail and television once were the key outbound marketing channels, email has now taken that crown.

He added that consumers are growing to know more about marketing and that they expect to be able to access relevant information when they want it, where they want it.

Therefore, it is important for email leads to be used in conjunction with other media and social networking tools, he suggested.

Today's cross-channel consumer is more dynamic, informed and unpredictable than ever. Marketers must be ready with relevant marketing at a moment's notice," he said.

Further to this, businesses should ensure that marketing campaigns and message content are driven by customers themselves, he suggested.

Another marketing expert recently echoed these views in an article for Enobytes. Pamela Heiligenthal noted that using Twitter and building communication can help businesses to expand.

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