Case Study – My Big Move

Case Study

My Big Move


ListBuilder for online data delivery

“Since using Marketscan, we have already achieved over 700 subscribers to My Big Move which is 75% above target!”

Aaron Hook, Marketing Manager, My Big Move


My Big Move Ltd is a start-up business established in 2015. It owns and manages a comparison website designed to help people move house as cost-effectively as possible. Individuals can compare prices for a range of different services from surveyors to solicitors to removal companies.


The challenge was to sign-up a range of different service providers to the website who would produce quotes for house-movers to compare. A telemarketing team was recruited to contact potential subscribers and a target of 400 new subscribers set for the campaign to be a success.

What we did

My Big Move approached a number of B2B data companies to help them achieve their objectives.

To access accurate data on potential service providers, Marketscan introduced an online data service called ListBuilder. This enables users to select and download data when required.

Records are matched against the Telephone Preference Service and Corporate Telephone Preference Service registers every 24 hours so users are confident that the data is always legally compliant on download. Subsequent selections can be adjusted based on earlier responses for improved results.

Client benefits

My Big Move needed to contact very specific industry sectors but in sufficient volumes to achieve their targets.

After contacting many B2B data companies to see if they could meet their demands, they were given a demo of Marketscan’s online data tool, ListBuilder. This showed them how they could download data as and when required from Marketscan’s multi-sourced database of UK business, designed for maximum market coverage.

Aaron Hook, My Big Move’s Marketing Manager said “I was overwhelmed by how easy it was to use and how I could access the data I wanted in daily small amounts as opposed to having a bulk amount of data that may get outdated. The system is easy to use and the help and support I get is second to none. This has helped me achieve a massive 700 subscribers to My Big Move using a team of only 4 across a couple of months. This is 75% above our original target.

From working in previous B2B telemarketing campaigns I know how difficult it can to be to gain prospects and usually the end numbers are relatively low. This has been an incredibly successful campaign”.